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John Phillip Law
Sept 7, 1937 - May 13,2008

We at Time Machine Collectibles wish to extend our heartfelt
condolences to the family and friends of
John Phillip Law.
He will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans alike.


International stage and screen actor, John Phillip Law made his Broadway debut in Garson Kanin's "Come One Strong" with Van Johnson and Carroll Baker. He then appeared in the original New York Production of "The Changeling" with Fay Dunaway at the "Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center".

His training at the Neighborhood Playhouse sent him on a show business odyssey. He sang and danced as Judge Aristide Forrestier in "Can Can", stalked the stage in two productions of "Dracula" and won the hearts of children as The Aviator in "The Little Prince".

His star rose as the romantic Russian submariner in Norman Jewison's 60's hit "The Russians Are Coming". His subsequent films, now classics, include "Barbarella", "Hurry Sundown", "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad", "Danger Diabolik", "The Sergeant", "The Hawaiians", "Death Rides A Horse", and "The Love Machine".

Son of an actress and a deputy sheriff, John grew up on Hollywood studio back lots and is a second generation graduate of Hollywood High. He went on to study engineering and psychology at Cal Poly and the University of Hawaii. He is an inveterate traveler and has starred in more than fifty films produced in over twenty countries.

He has appeared opposite numerous distinguished european as well as U.S. actors, including Alan Arkin, Claudia Cardinale, Bo Derek, Jane Fonda, Ava Gardner, Mel Gibson, Richard Harris, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Sophia Loren, Groucho Marx, Sam Neil, Anthony Quinn, George Raft, Rod Steiger and Ugo Tognazzi. He's worked for such noted producers and director's as Robert Wise, Otto Preminger, Carlo Ponti, Franco Rossi, Dino De Laurentiis, Roger Vadim, George Cosmatos, and Dennis Hopper. In television he starred in the acclaimed mini-series "The Best Place to Be" with Donna Reed. He also starred in two Italian Series, "Little Women of Today" and "Europa Mission" both for RAI TV in Rome. Back home he guest-starred as the father of Cricket on "The Young and the Restless".

Being multi-lingual you never know in what part of the world John Phillip Law will be shooting next. One of his European pictures "Stardust with Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti, was voted the most poular Italian movie of the past 20 years by the Italian people.
FILMS (Link to IMDB)

"Ghost Dog" (1997) "Peter Avelino"
"Hindsight" (1996) "Studio Executive"
"Burning Heart" (1994) "Boehm"
"Europa Mission" (1993) "Colonel Ferri"
"The Mountain of the Lord" (1992) "Brigham Young"
"Day of the Pig" (1992) "Pagan King"
"Marilyn Behind Bars" (1992) "Harry" (lead)
"Shining Blood" (1992) "Ranch Hand"
"Alaska Stories" (1991) "Aristocratic Con Man"
"Angel Eyes" (1991) "Confused Businessman"
"Little Women of Today" (1990) "Tycoon"
"The Guest" (1989) "The Devil"
"Gorilla" (1989) "Villain-Lumberjack"
"L.A. Heat" (1989) "Jealous Father"
"The Young & the Restless" (1989) "Dr. Grainger"
"The Alienator" (1988) "Park Ranger"
"Blood Delirium" (1988) "Psychotic Artist"
"A Case of Honor" (1988) "Vietnam M.I.A."
"Thunder Warrior III" (1987) "Deputy Sheriff"
"Striker" (1987) "Mercenary turned Journalist"
"Mutiny In Space" (1987) "Villain"
"The Overthrow" (1987) "Mercenary Colonel"
"The Moon Under the Trees" (1987) "Diplomat"
"The Fourth Man" (1986) "Texas Industrialist"
"Experiences" (1986) "Psychiatrist"
"Johann Strauss" (1986) "Franz Steiner Strauss' Agent"
"Murder She Wrote" (1986) "Lover"
"American Commandos" (1985)"Green Beret Commando"
"No Time To Die" (1984) (lead)
"Rainy Day Friends" (1984) "Dr. Kendricks"
"Tin Man" (1983) "Dr. Edison"
"Night Train To Terror" (1982) "Psychotic Lead"
"Love Boat" (1981) "George Wettling-Lover"
"Tarzan the Apeman" (1981) "Photographer-Explorer"
"Attack Force Z" (1980) "Dutch Commado WWII"
"The Pioneers" (1979)"Engineer-Early Oil Exploration to ...China"
"The Best Place To Be" (1979) "Dr. Mancini"
"Der Schimmelreiter" (1978) title role "Hauke Hein"
"The Ring of Darkness" (1978) "Exorcist Priest"
"Death In November" (1977) "Nuclear Engineer"
"The Crystal Man" (1976) title role
"Portrait of an Assassin" (1976) "Professional Killer"
"A Whisper in the Dark" (1976) "Father of the Ghost"
"Cassandra Crossing" (1975) "U.S. Army Major"
"Doctor Justice" (1975) title role
"The Spiral Staircase" (1974) "Brother"
"Your God My Hell" (1974) "Troubled Priest"
"Open Season (1973) "Kidnapper/Killer"
"Stardust" (1973) "American Sailor in Love"
"Golden Voyage of Sinbad" (1972) "Sinbad"
"The Love Machine" (1971) lead "Robin Stone"
"Von Richthofen & Brown" (1970) "The Red Baron"
"Michael Strogoff" (1970) title role
"The Last Movie" (1969) "Cowboy"
"The Hawaiians" (1969) "Noel Hoxworth"
"Of Course, Certainly,Even Likely"(1969)"House Painter"
"Skidoo" (1969) "Hippie"
"The Sergeant" (1968) romantic lead
"Barbarella (1967) "Blind Angel"
"Death Rides A Horse" (1967) italian western
"Danger Diabolik" (1967) "Super Criminal"
"Hurry Sundown" (1966) "Southern Farmer"
"The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming" ....(1965) "Soviet Submariner"
"Three Nights of Love" (1964) "Italian Monk"
"High Infidelity" (1963) "Canadian Student"

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